Keen coolKidz Cold Packs Review!

I have been given the opurtunity to host a review for the Keen dustributioin for the CoolKidz cold Packs. I have received the football and the Dinosaur cold packs and my son loves them. They come in great handy. Every time my son falls or gets hurt (enough to where I believe he will need it) I just go to freezer give him his special what we call " boo boo pack" and wrap it up into a paper towel and let him hold it on his ouchy spot. He stops crying instantly. A perfect object to soothe your child. I believe that the child will feel pride and joy to have his own special and unique ice pack to help his boo boo feel better. 

You are able to check out these cold packs here you can visit them on twitter also check out the other products that Keen Distribution has to offer you at their website

CSN review!

I was super excited to have the privileged of hosting a review for CSN stores on my blog. I love everything they have to offer through out there 200+ stores world wide. They have everything you may ever need. They have bathroom items, kitchen items, living room items, bedroom items or bedrooms sets, pictures or rugs, accessories and much much more!! If I could only list all the fantastic items they are carrying to help you have your home be more comfortable and have things in your style. 

The truly only way for you to even understand where I am coming from is to head on over to They have some great deals on some  cheap bedroom furniture . You should defiantly head over there to see what you can find I guarantee you will not be disappointed and will find something to suite your needs. Even better to think about the holidays that are just around the corner for all of us. 

I absolutely must admit the items they have for kitchen wear grabbed my attention in a heart beat so you might want to check that selection out also. There is hundreds of different products that can help you with make your perfect dinner meal!! Check it that out here

So don't hesitate another second and click the link to be directed straight to their website where they have great deals for 
 cheap bedroom furniture or check out any other of the 200+ stores world wide!

Furminator DeSheddingTool Review and Giveaway


Frugal Family Fun is hosting a giveaway to receive a deshedding tool for animals! We all know we hate having animal fur all over our furniture and our clothing so all of us with animals are the ones needing to enter this giveaway! This groomer can even work on cats which is why I am entering it! I have just gotten myself a new cat and she has hair all over the place so Im in desperate need of doing something about the hair! If you would like to win this head over to Frugal family Fun and enter the contest here! Hurry contest is ending on August 31st! 

ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Leslie's LIfe is giving away a ToiletTree fogless shower mirror! This is one giveaway you will want to enter if you are craving a mirror in your shower as bad as I am! You have to check this out! This giveaway is going to end on August 31st! So better hurry and get those tweets in before you are too late! You can enter this great giveaway by clicking here

Eyes Cream Shades Review and Giveaway!!


Frugal Family fun is having a giveaway for Eyes Cream Shades for Kids!! They are supper cute! Im dying myself to win a pair for my son. I know he would love them. His spider man sunglasses are all scratched up and he needs a new pair to flash around! if your child is in need of sunglasses than this is the perfect opportunity to win some! This contest is ending on August 29th so there is not much time left better hurry! Enter here


Check out Bella So Savvy's Blog and enter to win a hand Vacuum cleaner!! I would love to win one of these for my house! I have a toddler and we all know how they drop their snacks and food all over the ground! It would be alot easier to use a small vacuum than get out the big one! So head over there and enter her giveaway! This contest is ending on September 21 so you have time to get those tweets in! Enter here!

Win Miswivel Feeding Chair from Bella Savvy!

Run over to Bella so Savvy's blog and check out her giveaway for The First Years- Miswivel Feeding Chair!
When I saw this she was hosting this giveaway I got very excited! I know you will also once you the several positions this chair has! It works for children ages 1-4 years old! This giveaway ends on September 11th and is a 60 dollar value.. could be yours free enter here.